Mount Rushmore

Adventure With Your Family In South Dakota’s Black Hills Living It Up Old West Style You’re walking down a street when suddenly a man dashes out of a nearby hotel followed by the sound of gunshots. The man whirls around as others exit the hotel behind him. He draws a… Read more »

Mount Rushmore is a National park located near Keystone, South Dakota. It is a site that most Americans can immediately recognize. Millions of people come to visit the monument every year and to see the magnificent park. However, many visitors don’t realize there are many secrets and myths surrounding this… Read more »

Mount Rushmore is an iconic mountain in South Dakota. There is no doubt that you have heard of the infamous mountain and seen several images of it, but it is breathtaking in real life. Whether it is your first time visiting the mountain, or if you a repeat tourist, it… Read more »

Mount Rushmore was constructed to honor U.S. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, who represent some of most notable moments throughout America’s storied history. Set in the Black Hills of South Dakota, located just 25 miles from Rapid City, Mount Rushmore draws over three million visitors every year. Beginning in… Read more »

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