Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns

Explore the Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns

Tours through the Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns can leave a person feeling truly awed by the splendor this region has to offer.

On a clear day, a tranquil lake can reflect the sunshine, the mountains, and the vast and endless sky above…

A stream can reflect the blades of grass from the meadow it runs through, and a still puddle after a long rain can show you your own face. But here in the depths of the Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns, you’ll see a reflection like you’ve never seen before.

Deep into the caves of South Dakota lies a body of water called Diamond Lake. You don’t need a clear day to see the beauty of the cave’s crystal ceiling reflected back as you look into the serene blue water. And as you continue on the wooden paths, you’ll see so much more of the beauty and the glory Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns has to offer.

Spelunk Away!

Crystal CavernsWhile walking through the deep and dark tunnels, you’ll see massive crystal formations, including the dog-tooth spar crystals. These formations twinkle in the light like diamonds, and you’ll feel as if you’re walking through a giant gem when you visit the French Chandelier Room or the Rainbow Arch.

The guides that lead you through are experienced and knowledgeable, and they’ll make sure to let you in on a little science and history involving the caverns along the way.

Why the Name?

Sitting Bull 1885Sitting Bull was a famous Hunkpapa Lakota holy man that camped near the caves in the late 1800s. He served as a tribal chief during the years the Native Americans were resisting the settling of the frontier. He is most famously known for resisting arrest for being a part of the Ghost Dance movement, a resistance that brought upon his own death.

The Duhamels, the first family to organize and lead tours through the caverns in the 1920s, sought help from a family friend and Lakota medicine man, Black Elk. Black Elk was the one who eventually chose the name Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns as a way to honor his friend and former chief, Sitting Bull.

Above Ground Adventures

1 Sitting Bull Caverns OutsideDon’t forget to traverse the area’s nature trail while visiting Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns. The half-mile loop goes through the Rockerville Gulch and offers terrific views of wildflowers, birds, and other local animals. And make sure to stop in the gift shop for souvenirs and keepsakes when you return.

Caves and Crystals

Nature can be a marvelous and awe-inspiring thing. The best part about Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns is that they’re all natural, not man-made or constructed. So if you’re in the area to hike the Black Hills, see the wildlife, or camp in the dusty landscape of the Badlands, take a trip out to the caverns for even more breathtaking fun.

Location & Hours

Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns is located about ten miles south of Rapid City at 13745 S. Hwy 16. During the summer, they’re open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. Off-season hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, subject to change.

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