Downtown Rapid City

Entertainment in Downtown Rapid City

Take a break from the wilderness of the Black Hills or the vast landscape of the Badlands and head for a fun night out in South Dakota’s hidden gem.

It’s been a long trip through the changing landscape of South Dakota. From the presidents of Mount Rushmore to the nature hikes through the Black Hills, you feel like you’ve become one with the land. You feel energized from the fresh nature air and enlivened by all the people and places you’ve come to know so well. But your trip isn’t over yet, because now it’s time to celebrate. It’s time for some entertainment.

Dining Out

With over 30 restaurants in the downtown area, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect from the eateries:

  • Delminico Grill – For the fine diners out there. Delminico Grill is where great food meets great ambiance, so sit back, sip some wine, and enjoy the decadence.
  • Firehouse Brewing Company – Beer lovers unite. Firehouse Brewing Company offers live music, an outdoor beer garden, and casual pub food. Come for the brews, stay for the nightlife.
  • Dakota Thyme – Looking for local?  Check out Dakota Thyme, where the ingredients are always fresh and mostly local. From the artisan breads to the loaded sandwiches, this bistro will have you raving for more.


Black Hills VinylTired of gift shops and knick knacks? From antique shops to clothing stores, you’ll find everything you need in downtown Rapid City.

You can get anything from a vintage record at Black Hills Vinyl or a good book at Again Books & Bazaar. Didn’t have any luck panning for gold? Pick up a real gold necklace at Neugebaur’s Fine Jewelry.

Strolling About

Even those looking for a nice stroll along Main Street will be allured by the local establishments and the character of the downtown district. Head into some of the art boutiques, such as the James Van Nuys gallery, or some of the many sculptures along the walk. Enjoy the weather and the scenery with a perfect walk through town.

Bright Lights and Fine Nights

From mountaineering to meandering, South Dakota has it all. If you’re itching for some socializing and entertainment after a long stay in the wilderness, head to downtown Rapid City and stroll the sidewalks. With art boutiques, excellent restaurants and coffee shops, famous promenades and events, it won’t be long until you find something to quench your creative and convivial thirst. So why wait? Rapid City is ready for you.

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