Black Hills Maze

Get Lost in the Black Hills Maze

Built of Douglas fir and covering 39,000 square feet, the maze consists of 1.2 miles of walkways, and it has 4 second-level bridges and 4 second-level towers.

How do you find your way out of a giant, life-sized maze? One way is to climb the towers and get an aerial view of where you’re headed. Another is to buddy-up with a pal and work together. But the best way is to just have fun, let yourself get lost in the whirlwind of excitement. So bring a friend or go at it alone, but either way, make sure to pay attention and work hard to get to the end of the famous Black Hills Maze.

More Fun for All

The maze isn’t just about getting lost. The Black Hills Maze has so much more to offer, so come on out for a whole day of fun. Check out some of these other activities while you’re there:

  • Climbing WallMaze Mountain: Didn’t get a chance to scale the heights of the Badlands, or hike the length of the Black Hills? Good thing you stopped at the Black Hills Maze, where you can try out their Maze Mountain Climbing Wall. The wall is a free-standing, 360° rock where you can ascend and descend on all sides. Only the strongest and bravest make it to the top, so make sure to bring your tenacity and your spirit for adventure!
  • For the Sports Enthusiasts: Try the Bankshot Basketball, or show off your hitting skills at the batting cages. The mini-golf is history themed, so it’s fun and educational.
  • Roller Racers: Where kids can grab a hold of the handles and let their love of competition take over. Roller Racers are seats that children can sit on and steer to race their friends. Forget slow and steady, only the fastest rule this game.
  • Water Wars: Too hot for the other activities? Try cooling off at the water balloon launcher and get into a little friendly competition by launching your balloon at a friend. Soak up the fun with Water Wars.

Mazed and Confused

Next time you’re working on a maze with pen and paper, think about being a small dot on that paper and trying to make your way through the high walls and winding walkways. The Black Hills Maze brings that adventure to life. With 1.2 miles of walkways that change course every 2 weeks, you’ll feel the challenge and the excitement as you make your way through.

Location & Hours

The Black Hills Maze is located 3 miles south of Rapid City on Highway 16. Packages vary from $4.61 to $19.81, depending on age and attractions. Peak season hours are from 8:30 am to 9 pm, 10 pm on Fridays. For more information, please visit the homepage here.

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